Ultimate Valentine's Day Survival Guide in 2021

Valentine's Day can be a fantastic day or an awkward day. Depending on your situation we have made an ultimate guide that will help you survive through February 14th even if you are single as a prickle.




Last Updated: January 18th, 2021

Ultimate Valentine's Day Survival Guide in 2021

Valentine's day in college can be a fantastic day or it will be an awkward day. There is a lot of hype and expectations that can be really hard to meet.

Being a college students on Valentine's Day, your funds and options might be limited.

You may see valentine's day as another consumer-driving holiday where people are forced to buy gifts for each other and do romantic activities. Or worse, how many Instagram posts you will scroll past during that valentine's week.

To avoid the awkwardness that comes with this day, make the most of your situation by enjoying the day, enjoying yourself and if applicable spend your time with a significant other.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a celebration only for those already coupled up. No matter what your situation will be, this ultimate survival guide will help you not just survive, but thrive on the dreaded 14th Valentine's day.

If You're Single on 2021 Valentine's Day

Making a card for a crush on Valentines Day

In college, being single on Valentines Day is pretty great. You don't have to worry about how you will be obligated to come up with romantic ideas or how you will spend your money.

All these expectations can be avoided and make your Valentine's Day less awkward.

Being single on Valentine's Day doesn't have to be awkward, there are plenty of ways to ensure you still have a great Valentine's Day.'

What To Do If You're Single on 2021 Valentine's Day

1. Avoid Social Media

Spending most of your time on Valentine's Day on social media can be a sore for you especially when you see people in love. For the February 14th 2021, just don't go there, you have complete control over where you spend your time on that day.

To compensate your absence on social media, come up with an idea of what you will do such as spending some time outdoors, or catching up with a friend you haven't seen in a while.

2. Dedicate the Whole Day to Yourself

Make the Valentine's Day to be your ultimate day. Start the day with a great workout. Exercising will help your body release endorphins and endorphins will make you happy. After exercising you can treat yourself to a nice meal and then something that you usually don't do such as having a quality massage or enjoying your company in meditation.

Finish the day with some binge-watching where you watch your favorite TV show with some popcorn, box of chocolates or some wine. This is how you treat yourself on such a day in 2021.

3. Have a Productive Day

When you're doing something good for yourself, by the end of the day you will not regret anything. It may sound dreadful but it is very empowering. You can start by doing something simple such as creating a diet and nutrition plan for yourself or something advanced such as working on your resume score or exploring better studying methods.

At the end of the day you will go to bed feeling really good about yourself for what you have achieved

4. Have a Galentine's Day or Guyentine's Day

Spending valentine's day with your single friends will be a great way to make this day special. Gather your friends and make this day special.

If you invite your girlfriends (Galentine) you can usually spend the day having brunch together, watching romantic movies together, having snacks and even chocolate.

To show how much you love and appreciate your friends, you can do a gift exchange with each other. This will make your friends feel special and loved such that they won't regret on how they spent their Valentine's Day.

5. Reflect Your Past Breakup

Are you newly single? Take this day to reflect on your past relationship. You can do this by making a list of the things you want and you don't in your next significant other.

This seems silly but it will be really helpful in attracting the right person that you want in your life. When you identify what works for you will prevent you from falling into the same messy relationships over and over again.

6. Spread the Love

Making a card for a crush on Valentines Day

Choose to spread love on February 14th 2021, you can buy a stranger some coffee, volunteer somewhere, hold the door for some couple. Anything that makes you feel good, do it and it can turn your day around.

7. Buy Yourself Some Gifts

Plan ahead and wait for Valentine's day to buy yourself a gift that you have been longing for. By planning ahead you will be looking forward to something and when you finally achieve it, you will definitely feel special especially when it's Valentine's Day.

Buying yourself a gift on Valentines Day is way better than waiting for someone to buy for you and avoid all the disappointments that would come later on if they failed to buy you something.

If You Have a Crush on Someone on Valentine's Day

If you have a crush on someone and you're not sure what to do about it. Valentine's Day can be the perfect catalyst for moving toward something more. Some few days before valentine, you can let them know how you feel towards them and ask them to be your valentine.

You can ask them directly or make a card, leave a note or even give them a gift. There a lot of different ways to do so. The best is the one which feels natural to you.

1. Make a Card

Making a card for a crush on Valentines Day

You can either make your card to be elaborate or keep it simple. What matters is what you say in the card. Get a piece of paper preferably red, then fold it in half and use that as your card. You can draw or paint in the card cover. Get a little bit creative.

Write a simple message on your card if you just want to ask them to be your valentine. You can write on the front cover "Would you be..." or "Just wanted to know..." and then on the inside you write " valentine." and the latter "Will you be my valentine?"

For your crush to know that it was you, you can sign your card in the inside by writing either your name or some mysterious word such a "Your secret admirer". "XO" can also work which means hugs and kisses.

After you're done writing your card, it's time to give it to your crush. If you're brave enough you can walk towards your crush and hand them the card. If not so leave the note somewhere you're sure they will find it.

2. Ask Your Crush in Person

The first thing you should do is wait for a good opportunity. A good opportunity is when your crush is free and not busy doing something or talking with their group of friends.

Do not corner your crush and force them to talk with you if they are in a hurry. Just wait for the perfect opportunity.

After identifying the opportunity, pull your crush aside. If you talk to them in front of they might get embarrassed and say no. It will be easier to talk to them in private.

Take a walk with your crush along the hallways and start with a normal chat and then bring it up. Start with a joke to lower the tension that might be there or talk on a topic you both enjoy.

After the tension is over, go for it and ask them "So I was wondering..." and phrase it however you want. Just go for it, you have nothing to loose or gain. Just go.

If you're too shy to meet them in person, send them an instant message. Use the social media that your crush is most active and send them a private message there.

Keep your message short and sweet. Finish your message by adding an emoji of a smiley face or heart to keep everything feeling lighthearted.

If You Have a Date on Valentine's Day

These ideas are the sweetest if you've a date on 2021 Valentine's Day.

If you and your partner have been together for years or just a little while, it's been said that the ultimate Valentine's Day is when you spend time together.

Making a card for a crush on Valentines Day

The little things that you will do on this day is what counts. You can't go wrong with a sweet thoughtful Valentine's card. If food is the way to your honey's heart, a surprise breakfast in bed or a fancy dinner for the both of you would work very well.

If you've a date on valentine's day try spending time together by doing what your partner likes. If you're clueless or can't choose on what they like, here are some things you can do on your date.

  • Take a hike. This will be a great way to unplug and unwind this Valentine's Day.
  • Take a bath. A bubble bath worth of a honeymoon suite will be worth. Surround your tub with rose petals, candles, chocolate and champagne for reach.
  • Make food together. Try making heart shaped food such as pizza, pie, eggs or even try making waffles.
  • Give each other a massage. Give your partner at least 30 minutes of massage therapy on a well set mood area with background music,, candles, e.t.c
  • Make some music together.
  • Take a class together where you will bond more when learning something new together.
  • Exchange heartfelt gifts.
  • Send your partner on a treasure hunt by letting them scavenge the rose petal trails and handwritten clues till they find their Valentine's Day gift.

If You're in a Long-Distance Relationship

In Mid-February it's difficult to escape the romance both online and offline. The Instagram ads, grocery stores and even people who love to overshare. For you to survive on Valentine's Day on your long distance relationship, here is what you need to do.

1. Send Them a Gift

These days with the recent technologies, writing a letter is a rare treat. Go beyond your comfort zone and send them a gift to remind your partner that you want to put time and effort into them.

Creating something for someone and sending it through the mail would be an awesome thing to do especially in 2021.

2. Schedule a Face Time Call

Living in 2021 which is a digital year, means everyone has access to well equipped devices which can handle video calls. Call your partner via zoom or face time and tell them how much you love them. This will help them survive throughout Valentine's Day and before you meet again for a proper date.

You can even prerecord a special video message where your partner will view it throughout the day.

3. Send them Some Selfies

Sending selfies can be a cute way to remind your partner that you're thinking of them even if you can't be together on February 14 2021.

4. Learn Your Partner's Love Language

Knowing your partner's language can make a big difference on Valentine's Day.

If your partners love language is words of affirmation, write them a letter about how much you care and love them.

If your partners love language is physical touch, you can make it happen by getting them a massage.

5. Travel to Surprise Them

Sometimes the best present is your presence.

Making a card for a crush on Valentines Day

If you can afford and have time, think about planning a surprise visit for the big day. Show up in their doorstep with a bunch of flowers in your hand like in every rom-com we've ever seen.

Just make sure your partner enjoys such surprises.


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