The Right Way To Cram For a College Exam

You are having a short period of time to study for an exam so you end up with cramming for the exam. These tips in this article will help you get the most out of your cramming session.




Last Updated: January 8th, 2021

The Right Way To Cram For a College Exam
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Every college student has been there, you procrastinate some work you are supposed to do and then you forget until the last minute. At this point you realize you do not have enough time left to absorb much knowledge as possible, so you end up with cramming. It might be difficult to know the right way to cram for a college exam but this article will help you cram for a college exam in less time.

Find a Comfortable and Quiet Study Space

Head to a quiet classroom, or the library if you are in school. The main aim while cramming for a test is to remove any distractions in your way. If you are at home, remove all your distractions, that is, turn off the TV, turn on "Do Not Disturb" on your phone, shut down the computer and head to your quiet study room.

If you have roommates, siblings or family, ask them politely ask them they give you time to study. You can lock the door because you will need 100% of focus especially if you have only a short period of time to cram for a college exam.

Use Your Study Guide

Study guides are a crammer's best friend. Use a study guide if you have one or ask your classmates to send you a study guide. Go through the study guide as many times as you can. Memorize as much content as possible. Try all ways to make much content stick to your brain. You can use acronyms, songs, reading out loud or even discussing the content with a friend. You can even take short summary notes as this is more effective in retaining content.

Go Through Your Notebook/Textbook

If your lecturer did not send you a study guide, grab a pen and a paper and open up your notebook. Confirm which chapter(s) or area the test will cover. In your notebook, go through those notes you wrote them and if you are using a textbook, read the first two pages of the relevant chapter. Look for words or phrases that are bold or highlighted in the text as you read, they can be concepts, major ideas and even vocabulary. To cram for a college exam the right way, state this summary ideas out loud, or if you have time, summarize these notes in writing.

When you are through with the first two pages of every chapter, read the last page of every chapter. After reading, answer the review questions in your head. This will help you have a preview of the type of content that might be in the exam. If you are not able to figure out a question, look it up in the textbook before moving on. By doing this you will retain a lot of information as you cram for a college exam.

Review Many Questions

If you have a textbook or you lack one, gather as many assignments, quizzes, notes and anything relevant to your upcoming test. Those questions and assignments that your lecturer gave you are often one of the main sources of college exam questions. While cramming for a college exam, try memorizing as much content as you can and focus on the key terms and concepts in those assignment questions.

Test Yourself

After memorizing and cramming, you should test yourself by doing a quick quiz session. Use your notebook, textbook and previous assignments to quiz yourself. Look for the key terms, then look away and try to define them. Do the same even for big concepts and explain the concept in your head. If you are having trouble in a certain concept, write it down and review it several times. This will help you retain concepts as you cram for your college exam.

As soon as you lecturer hands you the test, begin by writing the key ideas and phrases you had memorized in any question related. Seeing these phrases will help jog your memory and remember what you had crammed as you go through the exam.


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