Organization Tips for College Students

Six of the best organization tips for college students that will help you increase efficiency and become more productive.




Last Updated: January 18th, 2021

Organization Tips for College Students
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As a college student you will often find yourself overwhelmed with tasks to do. Managing your time as a college student should be an essential school, but for you to succeed in college you will require the ability to organize more than your time.

Unorganized college students —not knowing where your stuff is— is a time waster. Unorganized college student will spend most of their precious time searching for notes, books, papers wondering which pile to check first. They will also tend to be late in classes or even missing meetings repeatedly. Being unorganized you will tend to miss the details on hand as you will not be focusing because your mind is swimming on the thoughts of what should have been done yesterday or what should be done next. Cluttered minds are inefficient for your productivity as a college student. An unorganized workspace or home is a sign of cluttered mind. This article will help you get organized.

1. File Your Papers

Digitize what you can and the remaining papers don't forget to organize them in files. Organize your papers in folders whether you are filing them or digitizing them. By doing this you will not loose track of your most important papers. After digitizing your papers have a good backup system and backup regularly. You should maintain your files for:

  • Reference especially when coming up with thesis ideas and thesis reference.
  • When doing your research
  • Revising for exam materials, you will have copies of old exam and study materials to revise with.
  • Teaching material
  • Professional materials such as certificates, cover letters, research statements.
  • Bills and Taxes

2. Have the Right Tools

Right Study Tools

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It is easier to get organized as a college student when you have the right tools. At your perfect study space have the right tools such as the office supplies you need. Purchase paper clips, sticky notes, pens, sticky flags and anything important your course requires you to have such as drawing papers if you are in architecture. If you go to an office supply and purchase items in bulk will not only help you maximize savings but you will not ever run out of supplies unexpectedly.

3. Organize Lecture Materials

Some students prefer keeping their lecture materials on their laptop and use software such as Evernote to save and index their notes while others prefer to use binders to organize notes and dividers to separate their notes, papers, readings and handouts. Whatever you are using make sure you are organized.

4. Organize Your Study Space by Removing Clutter

Study Space Clutter

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You're study desk and your study area should be neat. You should also keep your home organized too. Not knowing what you will wear tomorrow, where you kept the unpaid bills the cat and dust bunnies while you are in class will be overwhelming for you. Set up places at your home for this items such as near the entrance have a bowl or a spot where you put your keys and another spot for your bills and important materials.

Additionally make sure you have an organized study space in your home where it should be free of distractions, well lit will all the requirements you need. Set up a place to study even if your living space is small.

5. Have a Schedule

As a college student you will be having tasks to do some of them which are household tasks. So you will be need to set up a schedule for accomplishing this tasks such as cleaning and laundry. Breaking your tasks into smaller tasks such as cleaning tasks break it into by room. So on Saturday you clean the Bedroom and Tuesday you clean the bathroom. Use the Pomodoro trick to keep you productive and show you how much you can do in just a little time. You'll be amazed how you will be able to finish your tasks in just few short busts of time.

6. To-Do List is Your Friend

To-Do List

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Your to-do list should be your friend. By having a to-do list you will be able to stay productive and on the journey to your goals. This is why we created a Pomodoro timer in our app so that in the short busts of time you set, you will be able to accomplish your tasks for the day. Check it out.

These six tips will make a great difference in your life and help you stay organized. At first they can be challenging to set but as time proceeds they will be easier and you will be more efficient and productive.


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