January Bullet Journal Layout Ideas for 2021

This compiled list of January bullet journal layout ideas will make you more focused to start your new year at a positive side, plan for it and work towards your new year goals.




Last Updated: January 27th, 2021

January Bullet Journal Layout Ideas for 2021

The new year is upon us, and a new year brings so many opportunities. Whether you are thinking about your first January bullet journal or thinking about new spreads, these January bullet journal ideas we have compiled are among our favorites.

January Bullet Journal 2021

January is such a magical month and the start of something new. There is nothing like the beginning of a brand new year to get you excited for what's coming after the most disappointing year 2020. Your fantasy vacation, dream job, dream vacation.

All of them are within the reach during the energy of the new year. This should be the time to look at your goals, plan your 2021 future and start working towards it.

January Bullet Journal Ideas

January being the first month of the new year, you might find yourself wondering what you will include in your new journal. The good thing about great journals is that you can include what works very well for you. Bullet journaling is a great way to start creating a great journal because you can change the layout every week if you want until you find something you love.

Layout Ideas for Each Month

The following are the basic pages for each month on your journal. You don't have to include all of them every month. experiment with what you like and then include it.

  1. Cover Page - This is the page that will you introduce you to the month. It can be as simple as the name of the month and then a decorated page. You can also add some few items such as quotes, a month calendar to glance to anything that you personally love.
  2. Calendar Spread - This page features a monthly calendar with the with small boxes where you can write notes down for what is going on during the month ahead.
  3. Gratitude Day - A gratitude page will help you be more mindful to your life. This is achieved by writing one or multiple things that you are thankful for each day on the gratitude page.
  4. Monthly Trackers This is where things get very personal. In this page you write down things that you would like to track for the month, some of the most popular ones include: - Goal Trackers - Fitness Trackers - Mood Trackers - Sleep Trackers - Habit Trackers
  5. Weekly Spreads - Weekly spreads are a great place to experiment with different ideas and find out what really works for you. Some people might stick with the monthly calendar spread alone but it's good to try out the weekly spread also.

January Bullet Journal Themes

Here are some of our favorite ideas of a January bullet journal themes.

  • Fireworks (representing the new year)
  • Confetti/Party/Celebration
  • Stars
  • Moon
  • Winter Gear – Hats, Mittens, Scarves, Ice Skates, Skis, Sweaters, etc.
  • Warm Drinks – Hot chocolate, coffee, apple cider, etc.
  • Snowflakes & Snow
  • Snowman
  • Ice & Icicles
  • Mountains
  • Nature (in winter)
  • Winter Animals – Polar Bears, Penguins, Fox etc.
  • Arrows
  • Dreamcatcher & Feathers
  • Mandalas
  • Your Favorite Things
  • Shades of Blue
  • Black & Gold/Yellow

You can go with any bullet journal theme that you love and that inspires you.

Cover Ideas

We found some cover ideas that you may like. This ideas will also show you how versatile bullet journaling can be. If you find an inspiration in one of these theme ideas, you can take it and make it your own.

Have a favorite interest? Why not start the new year in a fun way by featuring one of your favorite things?

Snowflakes are a popular January cover page theme. You can go as simple or as elaborate as you’d like!

Galaxy themes are also very popular in January. I like thinking about how the sky is the limit! Quotes like those pair well with this theme!

If you're just beginning your bullet journal journey we recommend you keeping it simple and minimal as possible.

Weekly and Monthly January Bullet Journal Spreads

Check these January bullet journal spreads for your monthly spread or week by week pages designed for more inspiration. You can stick with the same weekly spread the entire month or try different ones each week.

Changing your layout which you love sometimes it can be a good way to change things up in our lives too.

This is a gorgeous example of how black and gold make for a great January theme! The colors scream New Year’s Eve for me and I love the rich feel they have together. If you’re looking towards a new year full of prosperity, I think that black and gold is a great color scheme to go with!

I’m a fan of going more minimalistic on a fairly regular basis. It takes less time to draw out and I just love the clean look!

If you love hand lettering, you can combine your lettering with more minimal layouts for a great effect!


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