How to Create a Perfect Study Space

Setting up a study space can be challenging for some students. This article has 4 steps on how to set up a perfect study space.




Last Updated: January 8th, 2021

How to Create a Perfect Study Space
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How you will study effectively is greatly determined by your study space. Finding a perfect space should fit your specific personality and learning style, though this does not necessary imply you find a quiet space and set it up as your study area.

How To Identify Your Perfect Study Space

Every college student has a different study preference from the other. Some college students prefer a completely quiet study space free from any noise distractions. Other college students study better by taking several breaks or listening to quiet (LoFi) music in the background.

Assign yourself a specific study space and regular time. Make use of your study time most effectively, let it be like a ceremony. You can give your study space a name. This may sound crazy but it will help you generate more respect for your own perfect study space if you assign it a name.

Creating Your Perfect Study Space

Evaluate your personality and preferences

Are you vulnerable to noise or other distractions? Can you sit down for a long period of time? Do you need to take short study breaks used in the Pomodoro Technique and then return to your work.

Identify the Space

Some students prefer their bedroom as the perfect place to study. Other students do not prefer it, as they see it as a place for rest and they can not concentrate while they are in the bedroom. It can also be problematic if you share the room with a sibling. Some of the best places to set up a perfect study place in your home is in the attic, garage, or basement, completely away from others.

After you identify your perfect study place it will be time to claim it as you do not want anybody to interfere with your studying material.

Make Your Study Space Comfortable

After you identify and claim your study space, you should now make it as comfortable as you can. Set up your computer and chair in a way that you won't harm your wrist, hands and neck. There are several set ups that college students prefer:

1. Minimalist Zen Study Space Minimalist Zen Study Space

2. Command Center Command Center Study Space

3. Portable study space Portable perfect study space

When setting up these study spaces, adjust your chair and monitor to the right height. They should be at an ergonomic position which will be comfortable for you for the long hours you will spend studying.

A study space which is not comfortable will lead you to have repetitive stress injury which can lead to lifelong difficulties, but all this can be avoided by making your study space comfortable.

To make your study space as complete as possible, stock up your perfect study space with all the essential study items. Some of the essential study items are:

  1. Comfortable ergonomic chair and desk.
  2. Laptop/ Computer
  3. External Mouse
  4. Notebooks and Textbooks
  5. Writing utensils

Lastly, make sure your study space is well lit and is comfortable in temperature. Natural light is best, but a good desk lamp is also good.

Set Up Your Study Rules

Avoid unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings with your roommates or parents by establishing when and how you study. Stick to your rules after setting them.


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