How to Balance Between College and Work-Life

Balancing between college life and work-life can be exhaustive and stressful. Finding this balance can be challenging, but once you pass that, you will function more productively and there will be a great positive effect on your overall health and wellness.




Last Updated: January 8th, 2021

How to Balance Between College and Work-Life
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As a college student balancing between college work, personal life can be overwhelming. Creating a good work-life balance will help you get through university in ease. When you fail to create a good work-life balance you cam become overwhelmed if wellness and healthy living aren't factored into the overall equation. As a college student coming from a place where most of your basic needs were catered for, balancing between coursework, co-curricular activities, roommates, finances personal relationships e.t.c, can be a tremendous change for you.

Create a Balance

At college you may undergo high periods of stress and by creating a work-life balance is more important during this periods. It is a known fact that college student face high incidences of illnesses especially when students are in under high pressure such as when they are required to finish multiple assignments and presentations required by professors or studying for exams.

"Tips for a More Balanced College Life" is an interesting article that was written by Dr. Michele Vancour, Associate Professor of Public Health, Southern Connecticut State University where she states many ways in which college students can make their lives balanced while also meeting their daily demands they undergo.

Reduce Stress

Reduce stress to balance between college and work-life

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Kelci Lynn wrote an article on how to reduce stress while in college where she discusses ways in which college students can reduce stress. Some of the things she suggests is that you as a college student to balance your work-life you should get plenty of rest, exercise, social time, quiet time and making time for fun. In the article she wrote, she offers ten tips for handling stress and learning ways to relax when life becomes too stressful.

College will require a significant transition from the life you're used to. Hilary Silver, M.S.W., a licensed clinical social worker and mental health expert for Campus Calm says that, "College students experience changes in lifestyles where they are introduced to new friends, roommates they are exposed to new cultures and alternate ways of thinking."

In the article"Depression and Anxiety Among College Students," Harrison Davis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Counseling and Coordinator of the Community Counseling master’s program at North Georgia College & State University states that, "College students would become susceptible to depression and anxiety, if they do not feel adequate or they aren't prepared to cope with the new environment of a college campus."

Manage Your Time

To balance between your college and work-life, you must know how to manage your time. To manage your time you should avoid this problem where most college students face where they get involved in too many activities and not knowing how to assert themselves by saying "no". Time management is especially important if you are trying to balance between college and work-life where college life can suck up every minute if you let it.

To have adequate time, avoid participating in every social event on campus, carve out enough time for social activities and for your friends as it is extremely important. Avoid the urge to become part of many sports, clubs and volunteer activities offered in campus as they will mostly leave you feeling drained and zapped of your vital energy.

To balance your work-life with college, the key is to find the type of activities that make you feel recharged and good so that you can face your other commitments with renewed energy and purpose.

Create a Work-Life Balance

By creating a work-life balance, you'll be looking for ways to renew your energy so that you will be able to commit to other work. Some of the ways that might help you renew your energy include:-

  • Reading a good book.
  • Going to the gym.
  • Watching your favorite TV show or a movie.
  • Taking a walk or a run.
  • Talking with your friends.

Finding this balance can be challenging especially when finding a way to escape from your daily grind. But once you pass that, you will function more productively and there will be a great positive effect on your overall health and wellness.

One of the best resource for a college student looking for a perfectly balanced college and work-life on health and wellness tips is on 101 Health and Wellness Tips for College Students.


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