Creative Ways to Celebrate Your College Birthday

In this article, I will show you how to celebrate your college birthday even if you do not have money to spend.

Last Updated: January 18th, 2021

Creative Ways to Celebrate Your College Birthday

Your birthday celebration does not have to be time consuming and expensive especially due to work in your college life. Even in the smallest of college towns, there are probably plenty of events that you can into a birthday outing which does not include the traditional group outing to a restaurant. In this article we will cover some great ideas that will work with a variety of schedules and budgets.

Do Something Physical

Find out if your community organization offers zanny classes, which are like skydiving, circus-training or even bungee jumping. You can also check whether your local gym offers special classes, like a ropes course, aerial yoga in which you can do with your friend. Given how long you sit in class and study all day, pushing your body to its limits can be a great way to celebrate getting older.

Go Watch a Game

It could be a football game in your college town, a basketball game your friends game. Hanging out with a large crowd and rooting for a certain team might be what you need for a good birthday celebration. Carry some snacks and treat yourself from the norm to give the event a celebratory feel.

Go to a Museum

It's your birthday do whatever as you want. Head to a local aquarium, a history museum, an art museum or whatever you find most enjoyable. Museums can be a great way to do something interesting and engaging while being away from the chaos from college. Remember to carry your student ID and ask for a student discount.

Head Out for a Distillery Tour

If you are 21 years old and above, consider going on a brewery or distillery tour. You will learn some interesting facts on how beer and all the beverages they have are made. You will get some free samples which you will have to finish in their as you will not be allowed to carry any outside of the brewery.

Celebrate at a Big Party

The biggest college fraternity is throwing the biggest party of the year. Just because you did not get involved in planning about the party doesn't mean you can not take advantage of the situation. Turn their hard work to be your birthday gift.

Attend a Poetry Slam

If you are interested in poetry , attending or performing in a poetry slam can be a lot of fun.. Enjoy a fun evening in campus by seeing what's happening in campus and treating yourself to a one-of-a-kind experience.

Spend Time With Friends

Gather the people who you know can be your lifelong friends and do something simple but enjoyable with them. Plan a picnic, coordinate a game, go for a hike or spend time together.


When a person volunteers in some work, after they are done they mainly feel amazing, proud, humbled, energized and overall awesome. If you feel this rockstar feeling, then why don't you volunteer? Gather some of your friends and find a place to volunteer where you can work together and support a great cause.

Do Something Romantic With Your Partner

If you have a partner who you are dating and they are around, you can spend the day doing something romantic together. The best thing is when you do something new together that you have never done before. Make sure you enjoy each other's company. You can both head to dinner together, you can both go to a nearby town and explore it together. Make sure you enjoy each other.

Treat Yourself to Some Self-Care and Spend Some Time Alone

College students spend a lot of time focusing on other things such as class requirements, friends, cocurricular activities, jobs and they sometimes forget to focus a little on themselves. Treat yourself to something special on that day have a pedicure, waxing, haircut, take yourself out hang out with people who care about you. You can even go and have a massage, go for a long run, meditating can be rejuvenating.
If all this might be stressing spend some quiet time with yourself. Don't be shy spending some quiet time on campus by yourself, go for a walk or run, hang out in a coffee shop and enjoy by yourself.

Go Home

Being at home is one of the best things you can do to yourself. Ditch that hectic campus life and enjoy time with your family, enjoy the cooking, have some rest and relaxation. Treating yourself to the luxuries of home far away from the life of college, might be a great reward for yourself for your birthday.

Forget About Homework

What have you being doing the other 364 days? If you plan your time well enough you don't have to do any homework on your birthday. On your birthday day don't think about reading, writing a paper, lab work, spend the time to yourself. If you have planned well enough for that day your brain will not even feel guilty about you completely avoiding your homework situation.

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