Best Free Student Online Courses You Can Take to Boost Your CV

To show that you actively considered your future career, your CV has to showcase this. This will be the excellent time to start thinking on how to make your CV stand out from the rest. This 22 detailed online courses that we have compiled for you will help you decide on which one to choose.




Last Updated: January 18th, 2021

Best Free Student Online Courses You Can Take to Boost Your CV

To show that you actively considered your future career, your CV has to showcase this. This will be the excellent time to start thinking on how to make your CV stand out from the rest.

During your holidays, free time or even between graduation time is a good time to keep your brain going by focusing on doing one of these free online courses. By undertaking these free courses may also help you cover something that you did not learn in your school.

Learning a new skill even when it doesn't relate with your career plan is also a good way to show that you are happy to learn new extra-curricular activities which you can bet on that it will impress your employers.

Today's job market is very competitive, so you must proof your superior knowledge and expertise.

One of the best ways to boost your CV is by using your time now and undertaking a few different online courses. This 22 detailed online courses that we have compiled for you will help you decide on which one to choose.

1. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is one of the best known courses to learn digital skills from. No matter where your career lies you can bet that you will need digital skills.

Their courses are available on either your computer, smartphone or tablet when you choose a course skill that you would like to study.

This course is very detailed and has a huge range of courses to choose, from networking skills to the science of wellbeing. Many of the courses in here are free and upon on completion you will get a certificate that will be very ideal to put on your CV.

Google also brings courses from different providers, you will not wander around looking around for other providers with the same course. This will be a good springboard for you to start.

2. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare provides free courses, lecture notes, exams and even videos. They have a wide range of course topics to choose from business, energy, engineering, fine arts, health and medicine, humanities, mathematics, science, Social Science, society to teaching and education

Their courses duration is grouped in hours, for example their intermediate level Introduction to Programming in Java takes around 16 hours to be completed.

3. BBC Academy

The enormous BBC media giant has an online academy where they gear their course towards journalism, media and many other options that can help you. You will be trained and developed, designed to support the BBC and the wider industry to inform, educate and entertain.

Some of their options include creating subtitles, guides to editorial standards to covering things such as virtual reality production. Student studying outside

Brad Neathery/Unsplash

4. Coursera

Coursera is a good place to find an online course to study especially if you are a student. They have collaborated with the best universities and companies to bring you the best courses available.

Their courses are available in lessons which are in video format where you are taught by an instructor. You will get to choose from their wide range of subjects like business, computer science, language learning, data science and more.

After completion of each course you are awarded a certificate.

5. FutureLearn

In futurelearn not all courses are free but most of them are of low cost. Futurelearn courses cover a broad number of subjects, no matter what your career is you may find something to study about.

Some of the course subjects they cover are in law, health, history, teaching, psychology, languages and more. You will find what you want to study in here. You can also study more about your favorite hobby not only your skills.

6. General Assembly

General Assembly has a wide variety of courses to choose from depending on the skills you want where some of their courses are free.

You will be trained by experts in the field you are looking for such as in coding, digital marketing, data design and more.

An example of their course dash you are taught about HTML, CSS and JavaScript and it takes about 4 projects to complete.

7. Vision2Learn

Vision2Learn has a wide range of courses that are available for free where most of them are in a level 2 qualification. Upon completion of one of these courses your career should have an excellent launchpad.

Study beyond things that are outside of your career such as their level 2 customer service course course which will give you an excellent ground in customer orientation and communication across the business.

8. Udemy

Udemy has over 130,000 video online courses, so whatever skill you are looking to learn, you will find that course in here. With students discount codes you will be able to get some few courses for free.

You will get to choose from categories such as design, development, marketing, IT and Software, Personal Development, Business, Photography, music and more.

Udemy online course

Lewis Keegan/Unsplash

After completion of a paid Udemy course you will receive a certificate of completion which you can pin it on your CV.

9. Oxford Home Study Center

The Oxford Home Study Center has a variety of courses ranging from basic accounting courses, report writing and ethics to cybersecurity courses to choose from.

Most of this courses are free and can be accessed remotely. When you are done, they give you a fully endorsed certificate or diploma to boost your CV.

10. Adobe KnowHow

Looking to learn a course in design and become an expert in Adobe, the AdobeKnowhow is for you. They have free projects with good practical examples on how to use adobe software.

You will be able to learn all features of adobe software from this course projects such as virtual reality, editing, branched interactions, drag and drop and more.

11. Codecademy

Undertaking a course in coding might be one of the things you will need in future. Coding will help you to understand what's possible with your course and what's not.

Most of the basic levels are free in codecademy where you can learn the basics of coding without even having to spend a penny and living home.

You will mainly learn by doing where you'll be writing real, working code in minutes and then you apply your learning with real-world projects and quizzes.


Alison has 2000+ high quality courses created by experts for you students. They have a wide variety of free courses to choose from.

Their course categories are in IT, Languages, Science, Health, Humanities, Business, Math, Marketing, Lifestyle and more. After mastering your free course you can purchase your Alison Certificate.

13. OpenLearn

The Open University has provided a good free course platform which is the openlearn. You can choose a course from personal branding for your career to writing a SWOT analysis. If you are at the beginning of your career, this courses are very good for you.

Pick a subject and start learning from Money & Business, Education & Development, Health, Sports & Psychology, History & The Arts, Languages, Nature & Environment, Science, Maths & Technology and Society, Politics & Law.

You will earn a free digital badge or statement of participation as evidence of your learning which will boost your CV.

14. Buffer

Learn the basics of social media from Buffer week long email courses. You'll learn online marketing analytics to the right tone for your social media posts.

15. Duolingo

This language learning platform is one of the best in the world. You can set daily targets of as little as 10 minutes where you study any language covered in there.

Learn a new online language

Dan Gold/Unsplash/div>

Learning a new language can be pretty exhausting, Duolingo has come up with a way where they keep you motivated with rewards, by personalized learning and receiving immediate grading helping you improve quickly.

You can bet studying an additional language will give you a cutting edge in your CV.

16. Copyblogger

Are you looking to learn skills about effective online marketing. After registering in copyblogger you will have access to this email course where you will be able to learn about content marketing, copy-writing, keyword research and more from the 14 eBooks you will get.

17. edX

No more hassle for finding providers for free courses as edX does that for you. Their courses are free but you have to pay for the certification.

EdX has over 2500+ online courses from 140 institutions so whatever skill you are looking for, you will most likely find it in here.

Their popular course subjects are in Engineering, Humanities, Data Science, Business and Management, Computer Sciences and even Languages. Each subject is divided into several subcategories.

18. Sam Altman at Stanford University

Sam Altman is the president of Y Combinator who has featured exceptional enterpreneurs from PayPal's Peter Thiel to Airbnb's Brian Chesky and others such as Linkedin's Reid Hoffman.

He has designed a course on how to start a startup where you will learn the basics of user growth, fundraising, operations and management and much more.

There are 20 lessons in this course where each lesson is of one hour.

19. HubSpot Academy

Hubspot academy mainly focuses its courses in digital marketing where they break down their courses into accessible lessons. You will be able to cover digital marketing techniques, building strategies all delivered to you via in-depth video presentation.

Their popular courses are in Marketing, Sales, Service, Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, Inbound Sales and Content Marketing.

After completion of the course you will get a certificate, which you can add to your CV.

20. Udacity

Udacity is a great place for you to master the skills that tech companies want. Some of their courses are free. Upon completion on an Udacity course you will be having the necessary skills to land you a job.

A person coding

Jefferson Santos/Unsplash

Their tech courses include data science courses, programming, artificial intelligence, business, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing and more.

You will learn by doing by real-world projects where you will master your skills. Their course duration is by number of hours in a week, this means you can study part time for 10 hours per week.

They also provide help 24/7 from experts when you are stuck at any part of their course.

21. News University

News University covers mainly journalism courses where they have over 100+ interactive journalism courses. Most of their courses are free and on completion they award you with a certificate which will boost your CV.

Their course catalog is diverse from editing, ethics & trust, investigative journalism, leadership, marketing & PR, media law to visual journalism and many more.


Learn German grammar rules by using concise grammar rules curated very well by You will learn basic verb forms to complex German syntax in a simple and understandable way. The course duration is based on lessons and they are grouped on levels from beginner level to expert level.

When finding a course choose the one that will teach you the skills needed in your career and the one that interests you. You will be able to learn it remotely and when completed you can put it on your CV.

Having this qualifications on your CV will likely get potential employers very interested. This extra skills that you have earned will also show that you have put more effort in your CV which your employers might take you about being passionate about your career.

You will get to stand out from the rest of the group when your CV is boosted by one of this courses.


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