Best 21st Birthday Party Ideas - Hosting, Activities & Gifts

Get to know how to celebrate your 21st birthday party with these ideas from how you will host it, the activities you will do to gifts for this special day




Last Updated: January 18th, 2021

Best 21st Birthday Party Ideas - Hosting, Activities & Gifts

Celebrating your 21st birthday is a huge deal. You'll want to celebrate it in a way that you will never forget. It can also be a little bit tricky especially if you want to do a lot of things in an epic way.

Fear not—today we're here to help you. We've came up with the best photo-worthy 21st birthday ideas for you. Your 21st birthday celebration will match the big day for you, until people start asking "Who is She?"

Hosting Your 21st Birthday Party

The key to pulling off a successful birthday party if you're hosting it is by having a little cake and a lot of fun. Here are some of the ideas you need to know for hosting a successful 21st birthday party.

Share Event Details

Any detail about your birthday party should be communicated ahead of time. All you need is an invite to you friends.

To run a successful birthday party it should feel organic, that is where no one will be wondering where to go or what to do next.

A 21st birthday invitation should have the necessary information such as time, date, venue and what to wear. Your invitation should reflect you and your 21st celebration.

Let it be Personal

Hosting your own birthday party you have to make it personal by bringing your creativity and personal style. Be uncommon and don't limit yourself to what you see on Pinterest.

Opt in for a birthday celebration that truly reflects your personality. For example, if you love cooking invite a chef, if you love cocktails invite a mixologist onsite who will make some cocktails that your guests will never forget.

Plan a Budget

The number one thing to have on mind while planning for a successful birthday party is having a budget on your mind. Whether you're spending $30 or $3,000 on your birthday party you'll need to have a budget on mind.

Having a budget will help you prioritize on the most important birthday ideas. You will have a clear view on what your guests will enjoy the most and where to put your money on.

Some of the things to include in your budget that your guest will enjoy are:-

1. Make A 21st Birthday Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great form of entertainment to have at your birthday party. Having a photo booth on your 21st birthday will keep your friends busy and they will be left with fantastic memories from that day.

When setting up a photo booth set it up just to the side of the main reception action. There is no point of having a photo booth if no one realizes it's there. Try setting it up in the corner of your room.

Here is a great photo booth you should have for your 21st birthday.

2. Birthday Sash

It's been a long time coming and finally it's here. You're 21.

This adorable sash will put a perfect finishing touch to your outfit which will make everyone take photos with you.

3. 21st Birthday Beer Pong Cake

Having a peer bong cake in your birthday will be one of the best activities you can do to pass time. The best thing about this game in a birthday party can be altered for people of all ages. Instead of using alcoholic drinks you can use non-alcoholic drinks per person.

What you will need is some cupcakes, ping pong ball and beer pongs cup.

4. Jello Shot Tower

Sometimes all it takes to elevate a simple 21st birthday party from mindless fun to straight up legendary is a little jello shots.

To serve your amazing jello shots from this recipe place them in this amazing tipsy jello shot tower.

5. 21st Birthday Party Banners

When it comes to birthday banners, you can either make some good birthday banners which might be a little bit time consuming or you can get this cheap ones from amazon which are less than $10.

Have a Theme

Themes will make your 21st birthday party feel extra special. Though, this does not mean you have to go completely over the top.

"Having a complicated theme can detour some guests from coming and enliven others." Vanessa Valiente of V-Style explains. Picking a theme that people already have in their closet. You can throw a color theme party.

Make sure your decor and activities coordinate with the theme.

Make a Statement

A memorable statement is what your guests will not forget after the party is over. Something that is personal to the event and also makes people remember the event. Remember that small touches makes the greatest impact.

Have a Good Menu

One of the big things in your 21st birthday party will be the food. The food is very key to a great birthday party.

If your party will be at noon, it's good to provide lunch and if it will be in the afternoon guests won't expect a full meal. At a party with a lot of young people, you will need to have plenty of food. The best thing you can do is set expectations in the invitation card.

Outdoor Activities For Your 21st Birthday Party

Hop to the Club or Bar

This is pretty obvious for an outdoor activity where in one evening you visit different nightlife locations.

Girls in a club dancing

Since it will be your first time visiting these bars and ordering a drinking at them, you might also check different nightlife locations in your area with some of your friends. By the end of your 21st birthday evening, you will know your favorite club or bar for the next time you decide to go out.

If you're going to binge-drink in this bars make sure you drink at least a glass of water for every drink you order. It's also okay not to finish your drink.

Go to a Casino

Girl in a casino

This is the first time you can gamble at a casino. Go to Las Vegas or your nearest casino and play a game of 21 to celebrate your 21st birthday.

Gamble a little and you never now what you could end up waking out with on your 21st birthday.

Go on a Road Trip

Another good way to make good memories is by going on a road trip. A road trip is a great way to celebrate your 21st birthday with the people you love and mean the most to you. It can be your friends or even family.

Have the time of your life.

Go to an Escape Room

People in an escape room

Have you tried an escape room? If not, visit with your friends the one nearest you. You will get to have an adventure, mystery and excitement on your 21st birthday. The more each of your friend immerses themselves into the game, the more intense and fun the game will feel.

Have a Girls Night Out

What the title says, that's it. Enjoy with your girlfriends at your 21st birthday night.

Have a Spa Day

Self care is what you're looking for in your 21st birthday, then spa day is the deal. Go out and have a mud bath, facial, steam room, whatever you're craving.

Go to a Burlesque Show

The high glamour and the high drama will be found in the burlesque show. Not wild as a strip club but more entertaining than a stage.

Take a lot of Polaroids

To keep the memories fresh and remind yourself that you're "young and fun", take a lot of photos. The following morning go through them and select some of the bests which you will share in your social media.

21st Birthday Gifts

Keep in mind that this is a major turning point in their life. Getting them a practical gift such as a life-changing book or a Netflix gift card they'll definitely appreciate. More ideas are down below.

Birthday Tiara

Getting the birthday girl a beautiful silver tiara such as this one will make her feel more cuter and more people will likely take more photos with her. This is the only time she will be wearing a tiara. Let it be.

1st Legal Shot Glass

With the engraving "1st legal shot", they can keep this glass forever to remember this day.

101 Secrets For Your Twenties

Your friend navigating their twenties can be pretty difficult. Getting them this book in their 21st birthday, it might help by providing dome guidance to them. This book is full of wisdom and humor.

21st Birthday Gift Box

A great way to show your love and appreciation is by surprising them with a pre-made gift box on their birthday. Personalize the box with their name and an additional item of your choice. They come in different colors and you can add your favorite item in there.

Pleated Square Neck Mini Dress

This pleated mini dress will make her look stunning on her birthday day and be ready for any photos for the day.

Pleated square Mini Dress

Calm The F*** Down

No need to freak out about getting older. They will feel at peace no matter the situation they're in.


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