8 Best Short Haircuts Ideas For a Curly Hair Girl

The basics of having good curly hair is by having a good hair cut. Get to know 8 good short haircuts for curly hair that experts recommend.




Last Updated: January 22nd, 2021

8 Best Short Haircuts Ideas For a Curly Hair Girl

A good haircut is the basics of good curly hair girl. Your strands will shrink into an odd out of place due to one misplaced haircut trim. That does not mean you can't rock what you want. From pixie cuts to shags and longer bobs there are plenty of hairdos that you can rock.

We have covered all styles whether your strands fall into the looser curl and wave category or you've got tighter coils, there is a short curly girl hair style for you to try.

We've gathered the best tips from experts who explained to us on everything you need to know about short haircuts for curly hair girl. We broke down their points into styling tips, how to keep your 'do in tip-top shape and what to ask for at the salon.

1. Layered Cuts

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When making layered cuts don't cut your hair with anything blunt as it will end up making your curly hair look triangular which will not showcase it's full potential.

Shorter cuts that still have layers is the way to go. The layering lifts the weight of the curls giving your curly hair girl more maximum volume and bounce.

Styling routine for layered cuts should not be labor intensive. This look will work best with naturally-styled curls. This means minimal touching and movement once you get out of the shower.

This will help your curl hair dry with natural separation and texture cutting back on any frizz. If you would like to keep you frizz at bay, apply a light curl sculpting product, like the Garnier Fructis Curl Sculpt Conditioner Cream Gel or the Briogeo Curl Charisma Leave-In Defining Creme.

2. The Curly Shag

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If you are looking to go shorter, a curly shag is another good choice you can try. The hip curtain bangs and big volume layers of the curly shag makes it become the 'it curly hair girl' factor.

Air drying for this cut is okay. It helps the curls in springing up and creating a maximum bounce in the crown and softly taper towards the nape.

3. The Pixie

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Derick Daily/Unsplash

The wash and wear curly hair girl style. The classic pixie is a low-maintenance short hairstyle which is a little bit sophisticated. The shape of the pixie will hug the head for a chic design that will keep the design nice and tidy.

Styling this hairstyle is very easy and of low maintenance. When your hair is damp, massage an oil onto the hair and the scalp for hydration and a healthy glow. Let the hair air dry naturally.

4. Deva Cut

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The deva cut is more of a technique rather than a specific style. The deva cut allows the natural curl pattern to remain intact where each curl is cut individually and at the angle of the style.

Working with a Deva-style cut, it's all about your curl pattern. On looser curls most experts use a light gel, a curl-defining mousse or a leave-in while tighter curls, using a curl cream with thicker consistency or a curl-defining mousse.

5. Long Bob

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The long bob is a style which is meant to graze the shoulders. This style is easy to style because there will be some length left for the curl to form a nice loop.

When you add some long layers, graduation and framing layers to your curly hair girl can help add a different shape. After washing your long bobs comb through your hair and then add a product like Oribe's Curl Gloss through strands while it's wet.

To apply this gel scrunch and twists your curls from the nape working your way up your head. After finishing, use a diffuser on low blow setting, blow dry the long bobs on a high heat.

Never brush your curls once they are dry.

6. The Orb

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The orb is a curl which is in the shorter end of the spectrum. The longer top lengths in the orb will give fullness and versatility while the sides are cropped shorter for no-fuss styling. This will leave your curly hair girl with no unwanted bulk on the sides of your head, leaving the curls up top carefree and playful.

Styling the orb, experts recommend adding a volumizing mouse like Kerastase Mousse Bouffante. This will help your curly hair girl to have that fullness on the top. Blow dry the curls with a diffuser and you can touch up curls with a curling iron for extra definition.

7. The Mullet

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After you get this hairstyle, you can take long breaks between salon appointments. This style is incredibly low maintenance. The mullet works really well on curly hair girl types.

Wearing this style requires more preparation than styling. To make the mullet presentable just make sure what you are washing your hair will make it do.

Shampoo and condition your hair with Nexxus Therappe Ultimate Moisture Shampoo and Humectress Conditioner to help lock moisture into strands before styling.

If you have a curl problem like cowlicks, experts recommend tying your hair down or using no-crease clips on damp hair to tame stubborn strands.

8. Face Framing Layers

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Keith Helfrich/Unsplash

Face framing your curly hair girl is all about working with the types of curls you have and then getting the right cut. If you curls are tight, have cuts that frame the face.

Leaving little curls on the sides will soften the look and the frame of your face. Balancing the volume on top with the width of your curls at the temple is the key to great face framed curls.

Styling this type of hair use a cream like Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie on your wet hair after showering and work it up throughout your strands while finger coiling it to your desired shape. Finally blow dry your hair with a diffuser or let it air dry.


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